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Feeling stuck?
Is the pain too much?

With Hashem’s help,
there is a way out.

Hi, I’m Michal Kramer

I’m a Rabbinically Certified Therapist and Relationship Coach who gets to the root of emotional issues and provides personalized, practical healing tools from the Torah.

I'm looking forward to getting to know you and to helping you heal.

It's my zechus to help frum women and teens seeking relief from:

  • Anxiety

  • Stress

  • Fears

  • Emotional disregulation

  • Spiritual challenges

  • General unhappiness and dissatisfaction in life

  • Emotional blocks (both conscious and subconscious)

  • Low self-esteem

  • Physical pain that stems from emotional pain (panic attacks, stomach discomfort, headaches)

  • Physiological conditions (tics, bedwetting, allergies, skin conditions, etc.)

  • Shalom bayis issues

  • Parent-child conflicts

  • Poor social and communication skills

  • Other issues including mild cases of: OCD and depression

Which method do you use?

It depends on the approaches your personality connects to most. Baruch Hashem, I have a very full toolbox by now.

The primary modalities I use are:

Netiv Ha-Aleph Bet Therapy

A uniquely Torah-based, emunah-centered method for healing body and soul, developed by Rabbi Yitzchak Shmuel Rosenblatt shlita, Rav and Posek of Pitchei Ohr, and endorsed by Rabbi Moshe Sternbuch shlita.

Drawing Analysis

A mirror into the subconscious

Effective Menuchas Hanefesh Exercises

Reconnect to your deepest self

DBT: Dialectical Behaviour Therapy

Learn skills to regulate emotions, deal with stress and be effective in your relationships

Frequency Bioresonance Machine

Restores the natural, healthy flow of energy in the body by way of a low-frequency electromagnetic field

Morphopsychology: Chochmas Hapanim

What your face reveals about your inner world

Social Thinking

Visual aids from the world of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

How long does it take?

Most clients’ issues resolve within a few sessions, but I offer short-term, medium-term, and long-term therapy as required. Sessions are in-person, via Zoom, or telephone. 


Reach out and let’s see how you can get unstuck.

Does it work?

Everything is in His Hands but yes, hundreds of relieved clients have seen that it does.


Here is what a few of them had to say—

Michal has a pleasant, focused, and accepting approach and vast experience in the field of psychology. The emunah statements she uses serve to reconnect the person to herself and to Hashem, and have a deeply calming effect

A. R. 

The treatment is forward- oriented. I didn’t need to go back into my past and open up traumas that I couldn’t close up again. My post-trauma symptoms healed without having to relive the pain. I would say it worked under the radar.

P. H. 

My teenage daughter was feeling so helpless and isolated — even depressed to the point of not wanting to attend her high school. With you, she finally found a therapist who understands her, is building her up, and giving her self-awareness and practical tools to be accepted socially.

T. M.

Where did you study?

I haven’t stopped studying! I am passionate about constantly learning more so I can help my clients more. That said, here is a partial list of my credentials:

  • Senior Therapist, Postgraduate Diploma from the Pitchei Ohr Institute for Torah-based Emotional Heath

  • Graduate of DBT Training seminar for therapists from The Path Center, Israel

  • Marriage Counselling Courses given by Ruti Waldman and Zloty Rosental

  • Graduate of The Menuchah Principle Course, Rabbi Shaya Ostrov

  • Graduate of The Avoda of Eating – Nutrition for the Soul, Rabbi Moshe Boyer

  • Graduate of Social Emotional Behaviors Training Program offered by Social Skills and Beyond

  • Graduate of Picture Analysis Course given by Court Graphologist, Yehudit Stern

  • Graduate of Morphopsychology Course given by Yael Pisem

  • BA in Psychology

  • Hundreds of hours of other training programs and many years of successful counseling experiences, including 15 years counseling women with postpartum depression for the Nitza organization.

Let's see if we are a good fit.

Reach out for your complimentary consultation


Thanks for submitting!


נפש יהודית צריכה טיפול יהודי

“We can’t go to psychology to heal the soul!
Psychology is for the psyche. The soul is much deeper and only Torah can heal and nourish the soul in its entirety.”
                                     Rebbetzin Tamar Taback
                                     The Nexus School

More client results, B"H

“I went to many therapists who used all kinds of techniques to try to solve my problem. I saw that Michal Kramer was able to arrive at the true root of the problem in the fastest way.

The emunah statements Michal gave me were exactly what I needed  to achieve balance, and calmed my body and my nefesh. Right away, I felt a change. Its just amazing that the whole system is from the Torah! That's why it works so well.

Michal  guides her clients with her own wisdom and life experience, in order to help the client cope with a wide range of challenging situations. Today, thanks to her… I am coping with life, am less anxious, and I'm even off the sleeping tablet I was taking for 6 years!

— T.C. 

Michal Kramer has an impressive set of tools that she uses in her sessions. My son & I both came with different fears that we wanted to resolve. Michal’s highly professional techniques and skills were very effective in treating our fears.

Already after the first session we both saw a big improvement.

Her extensive knowledge on how the Aleph Beit therapy works was very effective and unique. I felt comfortable in the authenticity of the therapy when I saw how it was all based and founded on real Torah principles. I highly recommend her!

— M.A. 

"My teenager daughter got into the wrong crowd. It was so painful to see her drifting away from Yiddishkeit.  Michal  helped turn my despair into a place of emuna and growth. 

She gave me practical emotional tools to cope  and treated the problem at its source. יוסף ה' אליכם ,אליכם ועל בניכם – when a parent strengthens him/herself, it automatically goes into the spiritual genes of the children. It’s hard to believe when I tell you that our daughter really came back to Yidddishkeit.

I’m so grateful to Hashem, and to Michal for being the 'shaliach'."

— T. S. 

©2022 Michal Kramer

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